63rd Annual Short Course 2022

Proudly Sponsored by the Following:

Date and Time: February 9th, 8:00am to February 11th, 12:10pm

The Delaware Pest Control Association is working diligently on making the 63rd Annual Short Course the best virtual training experience, not only in the region, but the best anywhere.

Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey Credits

With 6 CEU credits in 7A (Structural and Rodent), 6 CEU credits in 7B (Termite Control), and CEU credits in 5C (Mosquito) and 03 (Ornamental and Turf)     *Delaware categories and credits - your state may differ*

All that and much more for ONLY $125.00! Check out our awesome itinerary  Here!

Check out some of our esteemed presenters:  Dr. Jim Fredericks; Dr. Jody Green; Jeff White; Dr. Janis Reed; Dr. Coby Schal; Dr. Changlu Wang; Dr. Richard Vetter; Mark Sheperdigian; Scot Hodges; William A. Kolbe, BCE; Dr. Mark Janowiecki; Dr. J. Santos Portugal III; Dr. Kurt Vandock; Dr. Laura Harrington; Ed Van Istendal

*Fee of $125.00 is a flat fee for all courses and all days. There is no reduction in the fee should less than all courses or days be taken.

Once you've made payment, approximately 1 week prior to the event you will receive an emailed link to join the event via Zoom platform*

**Delaware Pest Control Association is not responsible for the issuance of State credits. Credits will be issued by individual States at their discretion.**

***There are no refunds regardless of ability or inability to attend any or all courses or days.***

****All attendees must access courses from their own individual device in order to receive credit for attendance. There are no facilities for group attendance.****

*****Recorded sessions that are available for 30 days after the event may not result in continuing education credits being issued by your particular state.*****


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