Officers Group Photo 2-2020
Eve Pappas - Ralph Taylor - Richard Blauvelt
Ralph Tayor

The Bug Guy


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Richard Blauvelt - Vice President
Rick Blauvelt, ACE

Activ Pest Solutions

Vice President

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Eve Signature
Eve Pappas

Hoffman's Exterminating


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Board of Directors

Jason Walters

Viking Pest Control

Board Member

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Adam Kraznowski

Past President


Dr. Dale F. Bray
Dr. Dale F. Bray

Founder of DPCA (1922-2001)

Dr. Dale F. Bray was the inspiration for and founder of the Delaware Pest Control Association. In 1957, he invited 6 or 7 pest control operators from Delaware to come to the University to meet and talk about starting an association. Joe Reardon, one of those original members, recalls that this early group of pest control operators was elated to be at the University and actually have someone interested in what they were doing and how they could improve and professionalize their operations. Along with the founding group, Dr. Bray initiated an annual Short Course in 1958, single-handedly obtaining speakers and motivating the group to stay with it. He maintained his ties with the Delaware Pest Control Association until his retirement in 1983. He was named an Honorary Lifetime Member of both the Delaware Pest Control Association and the National Pest Management Association.

Few surpassed Dale’s intelligence; yet he never made one feel uncomfortable. He never lectured; he only shared information. His desire to help and his ability to inspire stood alone.